Best for: Irony lovers

Being the knowledgable gadget fans that you are, you’re likely familiar with Kickstarter, Indiegogo and their ilk. You probably know that tech pioneers, game designers, artists, writers and more often turn to these crowdfunding platforms to secure the necessary readies to get their product made, marketed and on the shelves – but have you ever noticed how the vast majority of these projects are either dreadfully conceived, poorly designed, knock-offs of existing products, repackaged cheap tat from Alibaba or some combination of the above?

Just the sheer number of lazy Cards Against Humanity rip-offs is enough to drive a sane person off the edge – and that’s the concept behind Your Kickstarter Sucks, a podcast from Weird Twitter favourites Mike Hale and Jesse Farrar. This pair of loveable deadpan dirtbags use each week’s show to pick over the bones of six godawful crowdfunding projects, revisit in-jokes, discuss their fast food preferences and opine the general state of the world we live in. The format is loose, the language blue, the content frequently infantile – but always hilarious.