Vialucci Media is the next step forward in personal development. It offers useful and sage advice in all areas of Personal Improvement, from spirituality and entrepreneurship; to fitness and nutrition as well as the opening ourselves up more to culture, and experiences that will help enlighten us to ourselves and the world around us.

In recent decades there has been a lack in real spiritual, social intelligence, etiquette and integrity. Due to the celebrity culture people have been starved of many things vital to good living. Society has instead been fed on a diet of fads and pointless celebrity ‘news’. Our magazine’s narrative is about living life in full colour with straightforward thinking, seeking and seeing hard truths, living the best way we can with the talents we have, a life of edification and amelioration. We wholeheartedly believe in Mahatma Gandhi’s maxim of being “the change that you wish to see in the world”.

Personal growth involves a mixture of multiple factors, including spiritual, intellectual, physical and financial. But it is nurtured by other things, too: psychology, nutrition and more cultural, lifestyle-based subjects including film, art, literature and fashion. I cannot stress enough that even though we do write on a variety of subjects that, at first glance, may seem less about personal growth but everything featured in Vialucci is geared towards stimulating a better knowledge about yourself and the world around you. 

For the last 20 years the world has been pumping out the same bad messages and poor advice again and again, using different means to say the same thing, until it’s now become the blind leading the blind. Vialucci magazine, the subsidiary podcasts are all about real advice, no fads.

It is the culmination of hard work, building a team of the right people with the right values. Every person who started this and saw it through (see our Team page) are ultra hand-picked for their work ethic, passion for their chosen profession and true egalitarian nature. 

We aim to build Vialucci into an integrity-based media brand. Known and trusted for its unique style and genuine proclivity to help people become the best they can be. We will focus on quality over quantity, no fads, no BS.

Final Note…

We all know that our society has started to spiral downwards over the last decade; people are losing their way, and celebrity culture now dominates, increasingly based on inexperience and pseudo-personality. Magazines designed to help us in various avenues of life are so concerned about getting the next issue out that they never stop to think: does this stuff actually help anyone? Financial magazines are just about having more, health magazines just tell you what’s currently the on-trend thing and spiritual magazines are more about accepting life the way it is than using spirituality as a tool to unlock incredible personal growth. It’s easy to complain, it’s easy to pass it onto the next generation and hope that someone else sorts this mess out, or hoping that someday something stops the ubiquity of pointless information. Five years ago we at Vialucci decided we had had enough, we planted the flag in the ground and said this is it; no more. This is where the new seed starts.

Please become part of this new wave, new mind set, and new way of life. A life which lives and promotes integrity, passion, honesty with oneself and genuine unlimited potential for ourselves and all those around us.

Vialucci, not just a company – but a way of living.