What does VIALUCCI mean and where did it come from?

The name came from a very kind person who helped Theo out when he was young and homeless.  You can find out the incredible details by watching the Interview with Lliana Bird and THEO-X. The derivation of the word Vialucci actually comes from the joint latin via (through/route/way) and lucci from the word Luciferin (light bringer) which is also creates the word luciferase, being the enzyme which creates bioluminescence in various organisms.

Why does Theo use the X as his surname?

The X has been used by our founder for a couple of reasons. Firstly to signify his autonomous upbringing and education, so as to highlight to others who may have also come from a background lacking in family that your history should bear no heavy weight on your future, no matter how bad it was.  Secondly, Theo has always held the Minister and human rights activist Malcolm-X as one of the few people who actually inspired him, and Theo indeed credits his learning to fully read in his late twenties down to hearing how Malcolm-X did it, by copying out the dictionary, something which Theo then emulated and which then lead onto his own path of Personal Development. He hopes that him giving up his own surname for the X would act as a lighthouse for other people from an impoverished life (therefore impoverished mind set) that we all can improve in life no matter how bad our starting point, something which Malcolm-X lived and sadly died for, the right for every person to have the same chances as any other person in society. The X with Theo is therefore a vivid reminder to all people that every one of us is an autonomous life-force and that great things can be achieved when you let go of emotional baggage, excuses and who you think you are to then live with true unrestrained passion, purpose and dignity (for yourself and society on the whole).

What is the aim of Vialucci?

Everything we do under the Vialucci banner is designed to make life better for each and every person. We were tired of the antiquated way in which Personal Development has been brought to society, i.e. the “follow me and my book” personalities which have become so ubiquitous. Everything with Vialucci is to help people understand that all the answers to what you need as an individual have been with you all along.

How did it start?

With a dream of our Founder to make a real change in society by getting together some of the U.K’s finest talents and then develop products which were based primarily on good information not personal fiscal rewards

How comes there are so many subject within Vialucci Magazine?

Our magazine is carving a new way in Personal development, we use the 2.0 to clearly define that we are the next step forward in this industry. The reason being is that the Vialucci way of developing is to show you everything that we feel one needs to be a fully rounded individual and let you find your own path with our guidance. There are lots of subject within the magazine which are around the creative fields which may initially seem out of place in a Personal development magazine but everything within the pages are designed specifically to be of benefit to anyone seeking real change in life, just give it a try and you’ll see what we mean. 

Did you really do this with no backing and no contracts with anyone?

Yes, that’s absolutely correct. Incredibly, the Vialucci company was actually started with the specific forethought of creating something huge with no backing and absolutely no contracts between any one of the 30 strong founding team. This was done so as to inspire the rest of the world as to what is really possible when talented people work together with old school trust and values. What we have done with VIALUCCI is create a game changer model for start-ups all around the world.

What exactly is Vialucci Personal Development?

It’s making people see that as our founder THEO-X says “The cavalry is never going to come”. It’s about helping people reclaim sovereignty over their  own lives and understanding that happiness is not within a new diet, piece of fitness equipment or motivational dvd. Our belief lays in the fact that we know everyones success is individual to them and them alone. Vialucci Personal Development is at its core a company which aims to show you just how unique and powerful you are as an individual, how goals should be unlimited but also understanding that real success is about sacrifice and honesty in oneself. No self delusion, no looking for the easy way outs, no burying your head in the sand and hoping problems will fix themselves, just real goals backed up by hard work. We’re not going to try and impress (i.e patronise) you with the lie that cool means good, or latest means best. We’re a gimmick and fad free zone… now and forever!