The Vialucci Podcast

The Vialucci Podcast is a long form weekly conversation show for people tired of the bog standard chit-chat which is out there. It’s a podcast which is all about entertaining yet educational discussions on various topics… Uncensored and Uncut!

It’s a brutally honest show with adult and open discussions, interspersed with Interviews, reviews and more general straight forward chat. The hosts don’t pull their punches but they do aim to inject into each show something which will be of benefit to the listeners and help everyone who’s part of the Vialucci Family go out into the world swinging! 

There may be (worthwhile) celebrity-based discussions, documentaries you may never have seen, books you may never have read, along with movies, culture and more topical time-related pieces regarding what’s going on in the world.

The show is to look at the world the way it is (not the way mass media wants us to see it). 

The podcasts will include in-studio interviews with hand-picked prominent people from many professions: fitness experts, biographers, neurologists, psychologists, philosophers and many more. It’s all about personality, not just a person’s C.V. There will also be general Socratic discussions and Q&A sessions that challenge assumptions and stimulate our minds.

Each show will be up to two hours long as we believe the time of fleeting, soundbite-led information and faux-personalities is over. We believe that people want real discussions, real lives and real conversations back, with people of substance!

Available on Periscope, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Itunes, Soundcloud and Stitcher.

Film Expert John Higgins with Theo and Andrew
Theo in Fancy dress for the Trump Special with Andrew and Charles
Andrew and Theo chatting with Former BBC Worldwide Executive Tracy Forsyth